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4 Things You Need to Know About Choosing Cat Beds

Wednesday, December 02, 2020 Hina


Common materials used to make cat beds are cotton, wood, rattan, plastic, and corrugated papers. Cotton is used frequently to make cat beds, like the bottom or the inner filling of cat beds. Some of the most prominent features of the cotton cat bed are softness, warmth and breathability. Wooden cat bed can be designed into multiple shapes and its advantages are stability, firmness and easy cleaning. Wooden cat beds can be used at all seasons and be equipped with cotton cushion to keep warm. Rattan cat bed has good toughness and light weight. It’s cool and breathable. High-quality rattan bed is scratch-resistant. The plastic cat bed is moisture-proof and easy to clean.


Nowadays, the designs of cat beds are varied. Cat keepers need both good quality and beauty. Good-looking cat beds are becoming more and more popular. Polisbebe provides cat beds of various designs, such as cat armchair bed, boss cat bed, and alligator cat bed. Welcome to choose and buy.

Stain resistance

Although cats do not get dirty as often as dogs do, cats can easily get dust from their homes and garbage bins. Cat hair also needs to be cleaned frequently. Buying a stain-resistant cat bed can reduce a lot of labor. Rattan or wooden cat beds are easy to clean with water. In contrast, cotton cat beds tend to get dirty. Therefore, you should choose removable and washable cotton cloth. Similarly, the more times you wash, the easier it is to deform and reduce warmth retention.


Closeness can be chosen according to the age of the cat. It is recommended that kittens use closed or semi-enclosed cat beds to give them a sense of security. For adult cats, an open cat bed is the best choice for stretching and basking in the sun.

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