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What Are the Common Specifications of Outdoor Bamboo Panels? Can They Be Used in Parks?

  1. What are the common specifications of outdoor bamboo panels?

Compared by wood flooring, the design of outdoor bamboo panels is much simpler. Some are designed to longitudinal grain strips like traditional wood flooring, and some are made into all sorts of square grid flooring with twill parquets. What are the specifications of outdoor bamboo panels? The usual specification for length is 1860 mm, for width is 139 mm and for thickness is 18 to 30 mm.

Within a certain range (1860*139*18~30 mm), outdoor bamboo panels can also be customized as needed. In addition, the surface bamboo flooring grain effect of different structures is also different, so you can choose the front or cross section of the bamboo. The bending strength, hardness and tensile strength value of bamboo is more than twice as high as that of wood, and the bending strength of bamboo flooring is more than 1.5 times as high as that of wood flooring; after nearly 20 working procedures, outdoor bamboo panels also have all sorts of properties of wood flooring, such as moderate flexibility, low noise and easy cleaning.

  1. Can outdoor bamboo panels be used in parks?

Outdoor bamboo panels can be used in parks, villas, balconies and other places where wood materials are used. The whole project can save more than 45% cost in that the average longevity of the outdoor bamboo panels is about 30 years, more durable than general anticorrosive wood.

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