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Design Requirements of Centralized Transportation and Paint Mixing System in Painting Workshop

The centralized paint mixing system is a pipeline network composed of various components and pipelines. It can not only ensure that the coating is transported with appropriate pressure and flow but also control the temperature and other characteristics of the coating. Its main components include paint mixing tank, circulation tank, delivery pump, voltage regulator, filter, pressure regulator, temperature control system. Generally, a centralized paint delivery and mixing device composed of these components and pipelines are called a module in engineering, and each module can have several paint supply outlets. The following is a detailed introduction to the design of the centralized paint delivery system space.

Design Requirements for Paint Mixing Booth:

As the installation space of the centralized transfer and mixing system, the paint mixing booth is also the source of paint transportation. It has certain requirements for the location, cleanliness, air supply and exhaust, temperature and humidity, and anti-static of the paint mixing booth. Here is a brief introduction to the design requirements of the paint mixing booth.

First of all, in the preliminary planning, the paint mixing booth should be located relatively close to the paint spraying line in order to reduce the length of the pipeline network and reduce the investment cost. At the same time, the circulation volume of the paint is reduced, and it is also convenient for color change and cleaning.

Secondly, the paint mixing booth has higher requirements for cleanliness. Generally, fresh air supply air conditioning is adopted, and the temperature and humidity can be controlled. In this way, the paint can be adjusted and transported in the temperature and humidity environment required by the process, and the generation of static electricity can be reduced by adjusting the humidity.

Thirdly, a certain amount of solvent volatilizes during the process of paint blending and transportation. To discharge these volatilized solvents outdoors, a good air supply and exhaust system must be provided. Generally, the air supply and exhaust mode of “upper air supply and lower air exhaust” is adopted in the paint mixing booth, and the air exchange frequency is generally required to reach 15-30 times/h.

Finally, the anti-static of the paint mixing booth is very important. Generally, epoxy resin or terrazzo conductive ground is adopted, which is selected according to the owner’s investment cost. At least one main wire (galvanized flat steel or copper bar) should be reserved in the paint mixing booth as the main access point for the electrostatic discharge of the centralized paint transmission and mixing system.

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