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A Cat or Kitten, Which One is Better for You?

Tuesday, December 01, 2020 Hina

People who raise a cat for the first time often don’t know whether to raise an adult cat or a kitten. Let’s compare the differences between raising adult cats and kittens.

Most cat owners like to raise a kitten. It’s not surprising, because the kitten is so cute. Almost every owner wants to witness the process of a kitten becoming an adult cat. There are many benefits to raising a kitten. Usually, after about a week, kittens can easily adapt to their new home and new owner. If you have other pets in your house, it is better to have a kitten because of its adaptability. Kittens can get along well with other animals in a short time.

However, kitten owners must do some preparations. First of all, you must know when should you take a kitten home. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to separate the kitten from the mother for 6-8 weeks. At this time, kittens usually are injected several shots of the vaccine already and have a strengthened immune system. Secondly, high-quality kitten food is a must for them to supplement nutrition. Also, you should keep injecting vaccines and using cat repellents periodically. In addition, it’s recommended to have a familiar cat doctor to consult or deal with illness timely. Besides, don’t forget to buy your kitten a cat tree to exercise its body and a cat scratcher to sharpen its claws.

If you want to raise an adult cat, usually you can save a lot of trouble. Most adult cats have strong bodies and independent living abilities. They have already had a good command of living skills. If some people want to have a cat with a pretty apperance, an adult cat is their best choice, because the adult cats’ appearance will not change later. But raising adult cats also have some drawbacks. For example, an adult cat may feel difficult to get used to a new environment and be hard to change some habits formed by its former owner. If you don’t mind the above-mentioned drawbacks, you can choose to raise an adult cat. By the way, if your work is busy, adult cats are recommended.


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