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What Kind of Bed Will Cats Love?

Tuesday, December 01, 2020 Hina

Choosing a cat bed is particularly important because cats spend a lot of time sleeping. So which bed do they like best? Where should you put the cat bed?

At the beginning, every owner should know that a simple cardboard box is not good enough for a cat. You had better make some changes:

Soft material

Most cats like staying on sofas, blankets, or beds because they like things made of soft material. Especially in the increasingly cold days, the fleecy texture is of great importance to them. They like to be lightly wrapped. However, do not give them a long-hair woollen blanket, in case they eat hair into the stomach. In summer, a cat bed made of metal or marble is likely to make the cat stay a whole day. But in fact, the floor of your home, of course, is the best bed they like.

Cat scent

Cats have a strong sense of territory. They like to leave their scent everywhere at home in order to show others that this is their exclusive place. Therefore, blankets or clothes with a strong cat smell can be spread on the bed to help them quickly adapt to the new cat bed.

Comfortable temperature

Cats are very concerned about the surrounding temperature, which is why we often see them change their positions when sleeping. In winter, you can put a hot water bottle on their bed, and in summer, you had better move the bed to a shady and cool place.

Small space

Cats like narrow holes. Therefore, cat beds that exactly fit their body will be more popular. Take a measurement of the cat body before buying, otherwise, you may have to change the size of the cat bed. Some cats like a smaller bed, because it’s good to put their chin on the edge of the bed.

Bed roof

Cats tend to hide. Therefore, the design of the cat bed deserves your attention. A bed with a roof will reassure cats. Especially when a cat is taken to a new home, it will first notice this kind of cat bed.

Last but not least, it is recommended to put a cat bed beside the window. After all, it’s the best viewing platform for domestic cats to look outside.

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