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The Behavioral Traits of Cats

Tuesday, December 01, 2020 Hina

The cats we often see in our daily lives are domestic ones. They are fully adapted to the human house life and are content to be fed by the owner. However, wild cats still maintain certain instincts and behavioral characteristics.

Napping: Cats usually spend 14-20 hours a day falling asleep, of which 4 or 5 hours of sleep are actually real sleep. If someone shows up, the cat will suddenly get up. This is the characteristic of cats. As hunters, they sleep lightly to keenly feel all the movement around them. In order to provide a good sleeping environment for cats, it is necessary to use the cat bed as its exclusive area.

Hunting: cats are inborn hunter specialists. They are good at hiding and are agile and alert. When they see something waving, they can not help pouncing.

Climbing: cats are also a perfect climbing master. During the climbing, they usually use their legs and claws together, and their tails work as equilibrators. Kittens often need repeated practices to keep this capability. Under this situation, it’s good to buy them cat trees.

Grooming: cats like spending a lot of time on grooming, in order to clean dirt and old hair.

Claw sharpening: it is a part of cat self-cleaning. Rubbing their claws on the rough surface is good for them, and their new nails will be healthy.


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