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Know More about Your Cats

Tuesday, December 01, 2020 Hina

Knowing more about cat habits so that you can get along well with cats, and caring for cats will help cats grow healthily.


Cats are carnivores. Most of the energy required by their bodies is absorbed from meat. If cats cannot eat enough meat protein, they will feel hungry. Therefore, the content of meat protein in food is very important. Besides, we have to pay attention to their intake of water. Inadequate water drinking is easy to can easily lead to urinary system diseases. At this time, you can consider using a cat drinking fountain or feeding watery food.


Cats usually spend 10-16 hours a day to sleep, of which deep sleep only takes up 4 hours. A cozy sleeping environment is good for cats to rest, and a proper temperature is also good for cats. Choosing a relatively quiet and hidden place in your home as a cat condo will help you be liked by your cats. A cool place in summer and a warm cushion in winter are what cats like, and a good quality of sleep can make your cat happy and healthy.

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It is important to give your cat appropriate toys and accompany them when they are playing. Also, if you don’t want your cat climbing up some dangerous place such as tables, closets, and doors, don’t forget to buy your cat a cat tower furniture. Through regular exercise, the cat’s body immunity will be enhanced, and the ability to accept new things will also be enhanced.

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