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How to Choose the Best Cat Tree

Tuesday, December 01, 2020 Hina

Cats usually have a flexible body to climb and jump. Even at home, they cannot live without entertainment. You can buy a cat tree as an exclusive playground for them to climb, play, and exercise. So how to choose the best cat tree?

High enough

Ancestors of cats climb up to avoid predators and prevent themselves from being attacked. When cats are eating, they prefer to be in a high place. The higher places make them feel safe enough.

Easy to hide

There are three situations that cats like to hide:

To avoid conflicts at a home with more than one cat, it’s necessary to give them separate cat trees;

If you also have a pet dog, your cat will love to stand in a high place, so a cat tower is a good choice;

When someone whom cat are not familiar with visits your home, a cat tree with holes looks secure from cat’s perspective.

Multiple functions

It will be better for cats to have an exclusive playground that combines multiple functions of climbing, jumping, and hiding. Sharpening claws are their daily activity, so the mainstay of the cat tree should have sisal hemp or other hemp ropes twining around.

High stability and quality

Cat trees of good quality should be durable and stable, which are safer for cats. Unstable cat trees may make cats feel dangerous. When cats feel not secure, they may not use the cat trees anymore.

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