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These features would help to place a separation

All right so I have discovered a way for RS gold Jagex to fight the war on macroing. The thought dawned upon me as I had been going through and reading some suggestions that were speaking about quitting the macroers but was falling type of short. This idea here will end up being a little more complex and really a step a head of the match. This is in short detail:

A simple upgrade in Woodcutting would allow Jagex to watch closely who’s performing a macroing endeavor or if they are really there and just simply going about their every-day small business. The notion is simple, institute a program that will log every single participant who hit a bamboo tree and up. It would not simply only log you, no it’d be far more advanced than that.

These features would help to place a separation between who’s macroing and who is a real player. The computer would begin to track you. Then since its monitoring you then logs what kind of axe that you’re using and the length you have been near the stated tree, whether it be oak, willow or yew. (Just F2P) The program may also check to find out if you are a member or non-member and if you go to any other kinds of trees. Pretty much you are being followed by a camera. I know that this last part probably wont happen, but its there to give you a good idea of what might be happening.

The tracking procedure could be two different ways now. The first way would be like this: You hit a willow for about 3 hours and then you get logged for being there for so long…. OR, You are a minimal level and you have a high woodcutting level, this is quite suspicious, most of the time. I know that a program like this could not be that difficult for the developers at cheap OSRS gold Jagex to come up with, I suggest if people can create key loggers and send them to people. Then the Jagex team can sure come up with a program that can log who hits a tree to about an hour or two.

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