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Application of Chinese bubble gum production line

Chinese bubble gum production line consists of mixer, extruder, forming machine, cooling tunnel, and sugar coating machine.it is an ideal solution for the requirements to produce bubble gum in various kinds of shapes, such as ball type, ellipse, watermelon, dinosaur egg, flagon, and so on, with pleasant shape and reliable performance, the plant is easy to be operated and maintained.

As all we know, the shell of macadamia nut is very hard and difficult to peel. Our machine is aimed to solve this problem, which could cut a crack on the Hawaii nutshell, making peeling shell be easier. It is suitable for 2 to 3 cm nut diameter. This machine needs electric and pneumatic motivation, it still could realize saving energy(one is 2.2kw, another is 0.3kw). We have two different types, you can choose the best suitable size for yourself.

Application of Chinese bubble gum production line
Chinese bubble gum production line consists of sugar milling machine, gum base oven, mixer, extruder, cooling, and vacillating machine, packaging machine, and it is the equipment for large, middle, small candy enterprises to produce bubble gum. our product has the advantages such as reasonable structure superior function pleasant appearance, reliable performance and so on, it will convenient your work and help you to attain the utmost profit.

Main features of Chinese bubble gum production line
1.The machine could ensure a high opening rate, no less than 98%, and does not break the kernel.
2. Chinese bubble gum production line could ensure the surface of the shell smooth, and keep the incision being consistent.
3. It has the advantages of stable performance, long service life, good quality, and production is considerable, up to 120 kilograms per hour.
4.Reasonable design, easy to operate, save energy, and high production.

Characteristics of Chinese bubble gum production line
Chinese bubble gum production line is designed and manufactured according to German technology. It is controlled by PLC systems. The gear-driven gears are droved by Three-phase Induction Motor. The packing tray which has seven-position moves intermittently. The lubrication system is automatic spraying. Full machinery is working stable, easy to maintain. All parts which contact with products are made of non-toxic materials and accord with QS certification requirements completely. It can automatic cutting and single or double layer double-twisting packing, and also it can folding packing.

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