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In terms of the topic’s question as the others

So it’s the equal of the Spider Wand since it RS gold has the same tier, it’s the fitting off-hand offensive weapon of the Spider Wand. At your level you are probably able to purchase and wield Batwing btw, which can be even better and it is super cheap too.

Warpriest is the best armour in F2p but it’s only obtainable by members… unless you participated in the event several months ago which I doubt. It maxes out at grade 2 in f2p (had been nerfed by Jagex), so it is not actually the best armor in many states. It’s still possible to find decent hybrid armor, however, the ghost hunter armor (w/e it’s called) is equally as good and you can get it from killing ghosts.

I thought it maxed out at grade 50. Best f2p hybrid armour like he stated was dragonstone, that can be grade 60. By the way a World Event is coming this summer (May or June I believe) so you should be able to grab some warpriest then. The last time you might get warpriest was ancient 2014. I supposed tier two or three tiers or whatever, do not know the lingo, just an 07 participant dropping by. Warpriest armour is dreadful F2P. It’s grade 50 but the stats are inferior to another grade 50’tank’ armours due to being hybrid armour.

In terms of the topic’s question as the others have answered already Batwing is your best Magic armour available to F2Pers, but you can improve your weapon(s) if you’re now using Batwing wand + book/shield. Gravite staff is significantly better and definitely worth getting in the event that you do not plan to become an associate anytime soon. It is a Dungeoneering reward worth 40K tokens, meaning it’ll necessitate getting 400K exp via regular training in the Dungeoneering skill.

Gloves and boots that you have limited choices. You can use GWD hybrid set boots and gloves (Arma, Zam, Sara and Bandos), they are hybrid so count as three battle styles. They are not very good though, they provide Tier 50 Def stats due to cheap OSRS gold being hybrid armour pieces.Was still completing my post and doing double post edits, but Leo posted and ruined it.

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