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I can not wait to see what else you come up with!

Can we capture New Horizons Items some detail pictures? I’d love to see how they’re made.It seems like it required a week, once you think about it you think it requires a year, but then you realise it is just a month..Oh my goodness, those are seriously amazing! I am exceptionally impressed.I was trying to figure out if they had been a painting or actual wreaths haha. It looks surreal

Wow! So trendy!! As a miniaturist myself, I am quite impressed! I can not wait to see what else you come up with! How can you do the Mums?? These are amazing, you should do full sized ones I’d love one for my entrance door!! That is amazing! Fantastic job!

Mostly silk lace, pansy is velour, windflower is timber cotton, and gold rose is Japanese metallic gold woven lame

It would be fantastic if we could only have different flower baskets which may be customed the way pumpkin DIYs were customized using the different sorts of pumpkins.So by way of instance, a trellis that could swap out the blossoms by consuming those very same flowers. Ugh, nintendo, just employ me …

They are beautiful. So detailed. I can not claim to feel that the amount of work you have put into the placement of each carefully crafted petal, but I could see that it was a labor of love.Such a fantastic thought. You clearly have knowledge of the way to work this craft. I sincerely hope you are pleased with your work.I understand videobuy animal crossing furniture online come and go but this really is some genuinely excellent work and I hope it keeps a snug place in your heart.

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