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Hell, you’re not even permitted to empathize with folks anymore.

Hell, you’re not even permitted to empathize with folks anymore. You know, that Animal Crossing Items thing we’ve spent decades building up to society and our treatment toward each other.

Now it is”You can’t know or talk about this issue unless you have the right identification designation.” All the years of work that you put to bridge the gap of individual experience by placing in the effort to understand different people’s experiences? Invalid.

Rather, we have pulled another linguistic switcharoo. The word”empathy” now means”empathy” so that empathizing means embracing the correct narrative based on the telescope’s psychological appeal.

I am really really none of these conspiracy nut jobs however this has to be some sort of concerted effort from the people who gain most from us not* being much better to one another.

Like we spent decades trying to just understand and accept each other as fellow human beings, the LGBT movement has been started and concentrated solely on making it known that they are like everyone else and deserve the very same rights, they just wanted to be seen as regular people who happen to also be gay. We aren’t distinct because of our skin color so treat us as people has turned into give me special status… now suddenly everything is appropriation, everything isn’t any I am special because of X thing about myself which is immutable and I did absolutely nothing to earn respect but you will respect me for it anyhow.

I think of it like we had been a scattered deck of cards and after we finally got the pile together and all of the hearts/diamonds/spades/clovers back together so we could serve as a complete… a person fucking came together and decided to play 52 card pick up.

God I hate the world lol. These individuals have really grown up being told that they’re right with their circles on the internet too and simply Begin to embody it real people in tasks now and when the real world doesn’t fit their Twitter bubble they freak the fuck out

There’s a quote a like but that I don’t remember who said it or when sadly and cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells it goes something like”it’s easier to convince a guy he is being fooled then it is to convince him he’s the fool” and that I think it’s actually important here


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