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Can it be okay if I do not use pots or beg on non levelled stuff?

Then cannon any RS3 gold activity which you think is worth it, and for ones that you don’t (or if you’re like me and want combat XP), use piety with super sets and prayer potions, or whatever battle prayers you may use (that is why you utilize neitiznot/proselyte legs to the +prayer).

A routine slayer helm is Face Mask, Nose Peg, Spiny Helm, and Black Mask such as arham said. To make it a full slayer helm you’ll need to bring a Focus Sight along with a Hexcrest to a slayer helm. For your master, a general guideline for Slayer is to just use your best master, however in the event that you’d like the fastest points you are able to do 9 jobs with Mazchena (sp?) , the demon man in Canifis, and then do your 10th tasks with your greatest available master (Sumona+).

I will purchase the berserker ring and prayer boosting armor. I can only utilize the 15% attack and strength bonus prayer though, not yet chivalry or piety. Super potions are the reccomended thing then, right? I want to train strength, which means you’ve been saying d scim, SS, or korassi’s (that I don’t now have). I have obtained the RFD gloves, but not yet nez. Is black mask okay until complete slayer helm? I’ll use earmuffs along with other head items instead until then too. Is the prossy hauberk better than fighter chest?

Can it be okay if I do not use pots or beg on non levelled stuff? And, if I get a multi combat task, if I use prayer, pots, and cannon? A friend of mine stated that I wanted 55 crafting to make the slayer helm, even if I use points to understand how to create it. Is that true? Can Verac’s armor be any good? It’s high defence stats, and a good prayer bonus. Also, cloaks provide a prayer bonus of 3. Should I substitute one for my skillcape?

It is okay to skip out on the prayer but it won’t be too fast. Everyone’s giving you guidance for the fastest, most effective slaying… cutting corners will result in it being even on reduced leveled stuff. But hey, whatever suits you… well if you get like desert lizards or something Turael-tier then yeah you should be fine. But you’re certainly buy OSRS gold not going to him.

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