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Crystal Skull Meditation

What Is A Crystal Skull?

The crystal skull is one of the strangest and most mysterious artifacts in the world. According to some, they even have supernatural powers.

Of all the materials that might make up a skull, crystals are perhaps the most interesting. Crystals are central to the beliefs of the new age, who built a complex belief system around them, including auras, reincarnations, chakras, healing, vibrations, and more.

The same truth about crystals certainly applies to crystal skulls. However, the crystal skull offers much more. Once the crystal skull is carved, certain frequencies are added for the crystal skull. This happens when the eye is carved into the rough shape of a crystal skull. The crystal and crystal skull energies create a unique field that can be compared in some way to the collective consciousness of humanity. This field has its own unique characteristics. You can think of each skull as a way to get into that area. It is by connecting with this field that we will be able to expand our consciousness. As we work with the crystal skull, we also add energy and information to the collective crystal skull field.

How Crystal Skulls Work?

The crystal skull holds energy and information, like a computer recording what it has witnessed. Crystal skulls transmit and share this energy and information with other crystal skulls, and crystal skulls that are activated have more energy and energy than those that are not activated or activated.

Activation transforms your crystal skull from a simple stone carving into a powerful tool of healing, consciousness, and intention. As crystals are removed from the earth, they sleep until their energy is activated and reawakened. The process of carving the crystal skull, especially after the eyes are carved, begins to awaken consciousness within the crystal skull. The more you use the crystal skull, the more active and energetic it will become, and the more you will benefit from this enhanced energy.

Crystal skull activation is a process of awakening and optimizing the energy and consciousness within your crystal skull. Activating your crystal skull increases the movement of the inherent power of the crystal skull, making their energy more radiant and efficient.

Crystal skull guided meditation is a simple and easy way to activate your crystal skull and provides the greatest benefits when you specifically want to experience the results directly. You can benefit from a variety of meditations that calm your whole body.

While meditating, crystal skull can not only calm the whole person but even inspire. When you have a problem you can’t solve, you can try to communicate with the crystal skull, perhaps it will give you some inspiration.


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