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The Victorian Government will Introduce Interest-free Loans for New Rooftop Solar Panels

Recently, the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive Program has attracted attention. The Victorian Government will provide interest-free loans to subsidize the installation of household solar panels to make energy more affordable for both tenants and landlords.

Lily D’Ambrosio, the Minister of Solar Housing, announced that under the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive Program, eligible households can apply for loans of up to $1,850 to supplement the existing rebates for homeowners who introduce renewable energy into their energy structure.

The government claimed that landlords can work with their tenants to establish a loan repayment system. Both parties could pay up to A$19.27 a month to repay the panels that reduced their monthly electricity bill by A$74.

The government’s solar energy retailer said that if the cost of using home solar panels was less than A$3,700, then the newly installed system would not cause any upfront costs.

A family with a combined taxable income of more than A$180,000, whose home value exceeds A$3 million is not eligible for victorian government solar rebate application.

The announcement came as the latest research from the Climate Commission showed that large-scale renewable energy plans could create thousands of job opportunities, in order to cope with the expected massive loss of jobs during the pandemic.

The report is the production of the latest wave of research. It called for the implementation of the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive Programme with a focus on renewable energy, and it was inspired by the latest global proposals, which included the European Green Agreement.

Ms. D’Ambrosio considered this was good news for renters. This is because their ability to participate in the solar energy program is limited, and they do not have houses to make renovations by themselves. We know that renters usually dream of an opportunity to reduce energy costs, and this expansion will help thousands of people get this opportunity. Even if they do not own their own houses, people should not be prevented from getting cheaper and cleaner solar energy.

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