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Residential LED Upgrade in NSW

Retrofit Option

$33 ONLY For entire home no hidden cost

Retrofit Reflector(Outdoor PAR30)

Retrofit Option

$33 ONLY For entire home no hidden cost

Retrofit LED Downlight

Premium Option

$9.95 Per GU10 LED Light

Dimmable GU10 LED bulb

Deluxe Option

$19.95 Per LED Light

Dimmable Recessed Downlight

Optional: $10 Dimmer Disconnnection Fee, $65 Dimmer Upgrade Fee.
Minimum 10 Lights Per Property

Residential Led Products

NSW HOME ENERGY SAVINGS SCHEME MR16 (Retrofit to existing transformer) GU10
(Retrofit to existing GU10)
Recessed Downlight (Delux Option)
Reflector (Outdoor PAR30)
Rated Power 4.2W 5W 5W 15W
Lumen Output 480lm 528lm 512lm 2407lm
Color Warm White 3000K Warm White 3000K Warm White 3000K Cool White 4000K
PF >0.9 >0.9 >0.9 >0.9
CRI >80 >80 >80 >80
Beam  Angle 70° 60° 100° 100°
Dimmable No Yes Yes No
Price $0.00 $0.00 $19.95 $0.00

The right MR16 will be chosen from our suite of MR16 product range to suit your existing transformers. If your existing transformers are not LED compatible, we can install GU10’s which do not require transformers for only $9.95 each.

The $0.00 price applies when MR16 nondimmable halogen downlights are replaced with MR16 LED downlights and when GU10 halogen downlights are replaced with GU10 LED downlights.

MR16 dimmable halogen downlights can be changed to GU10 dimmable LED downlights for $9.95 each.

The Premium Tritone Recessed Luminaire is the benchmark in energy efficiency and quality of light. This modern and elegant luminaire is dimmable with 3 switchable colour temperatures: warm, neutral, and cool, and designed to cast the perfect amount of light for residential environments.


  1. Each property can upgrade to led lights with an unlimited number of lights (minimum 10 lights)

  1. Lights to be upgraded must be functioning and accessible.

  1. Transformers must be accessible for the electrician

There might be extra charges include but not limited to:

Extra works for electrician such as hard wiring or new installations.

Higher than standard ceilings & difficult accessibility to control gear

Any repair work on existing damage


  1. Our Ecomatter MR16 Led down light is one of the most compatible led lights on the market

  1. For non-compatible transformer, EcoCare Carbon Solution provdes transformer free GU10 Led downlight upgrade at $9.95 each.

  1. For existing dimmable lamps, EcoCare Carbon Solution will test the compatibility of the existing dimmers, we can disconnect dimmer or replace incompatible dimmers as extra options.


Minimum of 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty will be provided for all of our products.

Expert Residential LED Upgrade from EcoCare Carbon Solutions

One of the keys to ensure your lights look well and function as they should be is a professional installation. Faulty wiring, loose fixtures, bad drivers, all these potential hazards can be prevented through professional workmanship. At EcoCare Carbon Solutions, it is our mission to make sure your lights work as they should and are safe for everyone to use. Our qualified A grade electricians take professionalism as the top priority. They are committed to providing the best service and products to our valuable Australian customers.

Changing halogen downlights to led can provide numerous benefits to households and businesses. Professional installation is one of the most important steps toward all the benefits and avoids any potential hazards such as power outages and electrical fires.

Now is the best time to contact EcoCare Carbon Solutions to get the best energy saving lights on the market as well as reliable lighting installation from a licensed electrician and start saving hundreds on your energy bills today. Custom residential lighting is now available. According to Australian standards residential lighting, our trained professionals are ready to make your lights shine brightly and help you start the big saving on the bill.

Since 2014, EcoCare Carbon Solutions has been dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, which have helped our clients and partners make going GREEN a successful investment. We provide LED Recessed Downlight, MR16 LED Lamp, GU10 LED Lamp, free led light replacement, Panel Light and etc. Want to know led downlight replacement scheme and cost of replacing halogen downlights with led? Please contact us.

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