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RFID, also known as radio frequency identification, read and write data of specific object via radio signals, It does not require contact or a specific complex environment to identify, read and write data. Nowadays, the applications of RFID technology that everyone talks about are actually the RFID tag applications, which already exist in every corner of our lives.


RFID technology has the characteristics of strong anti-interference and no need for manual identification, so it is often used in some fields that need to collect or track information, including but not limited to the following six areas:


  1. Warehouse/transportation/materials:


If we mount RFID chips to the goods, then when store them in warehouses, shopping malls and during the delivery process. The relevant information of the goods is automatically collected by the reader. Managers can quickly query the information of the goods in the system, reducing the risk of discarding or theft, and improving the goods handover speed, improving accuracy, and preventing bugselling and ensuring the anti-counterfeiting.


  1. Access control/attendance:


For some companies or some large conferences, by collecting the identity or fingerprint information in advance, participates can be identified and sign in by themselves through the access control system, which is so convenient and saves a lot of time.


  1. Fixed asset management:


Some places with huge assets or valuable items such as libraries, art galleries and museums need RFID applications to provide complete management procedures or rigorous protection. When the storage information of books or valuables has any abnormal changes, it will remind the administrator in the system immediately to deal with the relevant situation.


  1. Train/car identification/baggage security check:


The railway vehicle dispatching system is a typical case. With the use of RFID technology, it automatically recognizes vehicle numbers and capture related information. It saves a lot of time for manual statistics and improving accuracy.


  1. Medical information tracking:


Case tracking, medical waste tracking, drug tracking, etc., are all good ways to improve hospital service levels and efficiency.


  1. Military/National defense/National security:


The trends of some important military drugs, guns, ammunition or military vehicles need to be tracked in real time.



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