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What Are Crystal Skulls Used For ?

Crystal skull is a great tool to use during meditation and energetic healing. I’ve found that crystal skulls have amazing grounding properties that help us use stones that magnetize dark energy from within, such as obsidian, without being afraid to face our dark side.

Crystal Skulls for Healing

For thousands of years, crystals and gems have been used for healing, guidance, and divination. One of the reasons the royal family likes to decorate with crystals is to support them with wisdom, guidance, healing, and strength. Crystals were also used by shamans and medicine men around the world and were used in ancient civilizations such as Egypt and the Maya for mystical and healing powers.

Ancient cultures were also aware that carving crystals into the shape of human skulls enhanced their power, affecting healing and human consciousness at all levels. The crystal skull is empowered by the natural healing properties inherent in different stones and resonates in different healing and consciousness frequencies.

The crystal skull can be programmed and directed by the will to support the healing of oneself and others. You can use specific stones to aid in specific conditions, or you can use a universal crystal skull carved from clear quartz crystal.

You can give someone close to you a crystal skull carved in stone to support the healing of their particular situation, or you can use that crystal skull yourself and transfer the intention of healing energy to your loved ones. Guided meditation for self-healing with crystal skulls, as well as healing others with crystal skulls, will guide you on how to use these powerful tools to support, promote and enhance energy healing at all levels.

The crystal skull strengthens and amplifies the power of intention and holds resonance with a specific frequency and desired outcome.

Crystal Skulls for Meditation

Before you can have a crystal skull, what you need to do is purify that crystal skull, and awaken the crystal skull. In addition, there is the potential to activate an interdimensional door through the piece of quartz that consists of each crystal skull. As one’s crystal skull is awakened or activated, it can receive and project various fields and information directly from this etheric energy network or any crystal skull connected to it.

Because we believe that each skull is unique, and until it contains specific energies that specialize in itself (for example, healing, awakening consciousness, etc.), you can release its energy by placing the crystal skull in place.

Then this may mean that as each of us joins this meditation, we work with the energies of our respective crystal skulls, powerful peace energy will emanate through the skull. We believe that each participant will also receive and channel this energy through their bodies, and many report that it is very rewarding and changes their lives forever.

So by having people from all over the world do this kind of meditation, we can activate a lot of points of light that can have real peaceful energy.


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