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The Special Powers Of Crystal Skulls

The Power of the Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are now very popular crystal carvings. It is often used as a cure and is believed to have a superpower that can bring us benefits. As we refine our ability to sense energy and memory, we become more open to the very real messages sent by the crystal skull. The crystal skull is considered a universal library, code carrier, and spiritual ally.

Many people believe that all crystals are alive and conscious, but you can notice that the crystal skull seems to be more sentient or alive than most. You can notice that many skull caretakers have very active relationships with their skulls. These skulls often tell us their names right away and like to engage in extensive, sometimes direct, humorous conversations with us. Perhaps carving the crystal into the shape of a skull will give us a better idea of its properties.

If you have a healing practice, crystal skulls can greatly assist you in your work as they are wonderful keys to the higher energies and codes of another human. As a personal meditation tool, the crystal skull is an invaluable asset. The more you hold and attach your crystal skull, the more active it becomes. I believe its routine work has increased its ability to connect to higher holograms of ancient skulls. You’ll find that the crystal skull receives more energy, and you’ll get more out of your meditation each time. One suggestion for meditating with a crystal skull is to purify it, then enter a relaxing space and place it near your heart or third eye. Do some conscious breathing and keep your intention to be connected to its field and all that is contained within. You can also choose to open up and let things slide. The crystal skull is a special superpower that allows you to feel spiritually healed.

hollow sodalite crystal skull

Use Crystal Skull to Cleanse and Increase Spiritual Strength

Using a crystal skull is a very personal thing and you will experience what you and your skull should experience. But here are some ways to use your crystal skull:

You have to connect with your crystal skull! You hold it in your hand and feel it. When I work with them, I often hold their skulls and turn them over to admire them. For me, it adds to my connection.

Hold your crystal skull firmly in both hands or right hands and remember what you want to work with. Crystal skulls can help you clear your mind. They can help you organize your thoughts, clear your mind, and even inspire you.

Hold the crystal skull close to your face and slowly begin to breathe into the face of the crystal skull. This is how crystal skulls are used in the south Pacific. Inhale to the surface of the skull, then inhale deeply from the skull. Last about 1-2 minutes, then gently lower the crystal skull.

This is a simple but very effective way to start working with a crystal skull! Even those who have been using a crystal skull for years will find that they can unlock a new layer by breathing with it. We can meditate on our crystal skull in other ways, choose the one that works for you. Meditation is a good thing, just for ourselves!

There’s no need to make things complicated. You can try a traditional or guided meditation, or you can go somewhere in nature and sit on your crystal skull. Take some deep breaths and start thinking about what you’re grateful for in life. This is meditation, not real meditation, but it’s easier for people who like to think from the start. On its own, taking the time to be grateful is a powerful spiritual experience, and it works!

We can take our skulls to high earth energies, put them on the ground, let them absorb energy and let them interact directly with the earth.


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