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To use this Alkaline water filter

Finally, Commercial water dispenser like lead and asbestos can also be found in tap water. They also pose a serious risk to your health and well being and should be removed from water before you drink it.

Now, many people will suggest buying a Reverse Osmosis filter to purify water. Fact is, these purifiers are really not that good.

First of all, they are not able to remove chemicals from the water, which is a huge disadvantage. Chemicals like chlorine have a small molecular size due to which they easily pass through the membrane used inside these purifiers for filtering the water. Only big impurities like dirt and organic matter can be filtered out by it.

Secondly, RO purifiers remove the natural mineral content of the water. Minerals like magnesium and calcium have big molecules which are blocked by the membrane. Drinking such de-mineralized water can cause health problems down the line.

You actually need a quality multi stage purifier based on multiple techniques of filtration. Techniques like Sub Micron filtration, Carbon filtration and Ion Exchange together remove all kinds of impurities from the water and make it absolutely safe to use.

Your next step? To use this Alkaline water filter and find out the best possible water purifier from research, so that you can rest easy knowing your family is drinking absolutely pure water.

It should be capable of removing all types of impurities – organic or inorganic; chemical or synthetic and even the microbial impurities.

This is a capability which no single filtration technique can offer. After all there are so many different types of contaminants that you need nothing less than multiple stages of filtration to actually remove all of them.

Pure water vending machine is what is the basis of Multi stage water purifiers which are based on the combination of multiple advanced techniques like carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration. Other systems which are based on a single purification technique actually work only for few types of the impurities and hence fail to offer a 99% clean and pure water.


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