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LED Display in Rental Event

The rental display is a priority option for many companies, creating entertainment and fantasy effects for your event stage, but also reducing your purchase costs and labor costs. Leyard LED display provides customized solutions to help high-end entertainment discos, large-scale song and dance evenings, fashion conferences, wedding performances, etc. greatly save costs

What can we accomplish?

Helping companies save purchase costs and labor costs

Can be customized according to your needs

Provide a unique dreamy effect to your event stage

No need for later product management and maintenance

LED Display in Rental Event Features

LED Display Screen Rental Event

Ultra-light, ultra-thin

The display screen adopts an integrated and concise frame design, which is lightweight

Multifunctional assembly

Leyard’s curved lock, Inner and outer are available, straight-screen splicing, to achieve more artistic shapes

Waterproof and dustproof

Integrated glue process design, military-grade IP65 protection

Quick Installation

Top and bottom of cabinets added magnet intelligent fast lock device to realize single person easy faster

Easy Maintenance

Modular design, front and back maintenance of the module, central control box, independent disassembly, screen maintenance is also convenient

Intelligent interaction

Load-resistant , interesting interactive function

Leyard optoelectronic is a global flexible LED display manufacturer, we provide led screen, led panels for stage, flexible LED video curtain, led matrix display, flexible LED screen wall and etc. Want to know led screen price or more? Please contact us.


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