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Amethyst, The Birthstone Of February

February Birthstone Properties

Amethyst’s healing properties are as rich as the stone itself. It is primarily considered a protective stone. When it is connected to the crown chakra, it helps purify the mind and purge negative thoughts. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety, which is why many people use amethyst meditation to get out of the dark. The healing properties of amethyst are especially useful for work-related stress because the stone is also associated with abundance; Therefore, release the pressure, while emitting prosperity. Amethyst’s properties help with intuition and communication, and can also be used to increase productivity.

Decorating a house with amethyst is a choice many people make individually for its appearance. However, stones can also have a number of metaphysical benefits if placed in the right room. Amethyst in a family room can help build family relationships and provide the confidence and calm necessary for open communication. Amethyst in the office can give you intuition, help you make tough business decisions, and ease the stress of working long hours. Keeping an amethyst in the bathroom is another way to relieve bath anxiety.

Amethyst can prevent drunkenness, has a sober effect to overindulge, it supports sober. It overcomes addictions and disorders.

Amethyst strengthens the cleansing and eliminates organs and circulatory systems. Amethyst helps you get rid of addictions, including food, sex, prescription, and over-the-counter drugs. Amethyst can promote the secretion of hormones, regulate the endocrine system and metabolism. It strengthens the immune system. Amethyst is a great blood cleanser.​​

Amethyst relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress, and blocks feng shui stress. It relieves headaches and relieves tension.

The stones reduce bruises, damage, and swelling and treat hearing disorders. Amethyst can treat lung and respiratory diseases, skin conditions, cellular disorders, and digestive tract diseases.

Beneficial to the intestinal tract, regulate the flora, remove parasites, promote the reabsorption of water. Amethyst cures insomnia and brings restful sleep. Amethyst relieves headaches and brain problems.

Amethyst massage can relieve tension headaches. Have profit to nerve, skin, can stop urticant, smooth bask, fall blood pressure.

amethyst sphere

Amethyst Color

Traditionally, amethyst birthstones have been associated with many different attributes, some of which may include stability, peace, courage, balance, sincerity, inner strength, and calm character. February birthstones are also thought to have a huge therapeutic effect, helping to largely eliminate headaches, addiction, arthritis, insomnia, circulatory problems, pain relief, and general treatment. Amethyst is the birthstone of the month. It is a quartz with wonderful violet color, from deep purple to red to mauve.  Some of the popular colors associated with February birthstones are mauve, violet to reddish-purple, and all the way to deep, rich purples. These colors represent not only all aspects of life, but also social, biblical, religious or Christian symbolism. Although initially limited to repentance and mourning, purple came to symbolize wealth, power, and royalty because the process of making purple from dye was expensive.


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