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My account now started out as my chief until like like 75

Expensive armour OSRS GP is crashing because they do not get ruined on death in PvP anymore. When someone PKs full Bandos or some thing, they’re likely to market it because they don’t need it. With the previous Bounty Hunter thing, the armour would instead have been destroyed and replaced by a meagre quantity of money. Together with Wildy PKing, expensive armour never gets destroyed, they simply get moved to the PKer that won the fight.

Why would a DFS go DOWN due to more GP? Only way DFS goes down is higher supply, which is unlikely, or, lower demand, which, in turn, is unlikely because individuals have extra GP. Could be since Dungeoneering protects are becoming popular and Divine and Elysian Spirit Shields are becoming more mass produced, to the stage of where a lot of those RS population (200K+) have one or another. Or both *cough* Win All Day *Infection *.

Yes, longer GP = more demand. However, this PKing system DOES NOT GENERATE GP. Instead, the items themselves aren’t destroyed and are instead sold, reentering the economy. Yeap, nicely said. Btw, the only way Bots gonna stop is by change and recoding the game. Eg. The new trees south of Fally don’t seem to have bots.

Just wanna understand exactly what you guys think of this…I’m 101 battle at the moment, have a wonderful sum of cash (100mil worth roughly), and I’m really considering just maxing out since I have never had a top level account before. My account now started out as my chief until like like 75 once I chose to turn into a Ranger. However, now I barely play it since PKing got so dull and barely turns profit. If I move primary I could…

Use better gear and combat designs for Slayer, bosses and such (I’ve more than sufficient for bandos plus a fury which is standard for godwars) Get 95 Prayer for turmoil and ss that could assist everything. And I’ll still have 60 Summoning, 99 ranged and 96 Magic. I’m aware that levelling Attack+Power and performing a load of quests are going to take a while but I do not have a lot to anticipate now except more Pking lol. Also I tried bossing as a tank, Armadyl I just don’t find interesting cheap RuneScape gold and in Bandos solo I expired and may harly get in any harm. Should I go for it?

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