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LED Display in Commercial Advertising

The led Display in the high-end business zone is the beautiful attractive scenery of the city so that customers can more easily be motivated by your advertisements. Our commercial advertising led display solutions can help your ads be more easily accepted by the audience, thereby reducing your operating costs

What can we accomplish?

Stimulate consumers’ desire to buy

Improve your company’s brand image

Make the coverage of your ad more extensive

Decrease your advertising costs

LED Display for Advertising Features

Commercial Led Screens for Commercial Advertising

Intelligent Photosensitive Control System of Led Display

The photosensitive control system automatically adjusts the brightness of the display according to the change of indoor lighting, greatly saving your operating costs.

Automatic Brightness Calibration Function

During the use of the Leyard led display, the brightness and color will be automatically corrected gradually, making the picture more abundant and meeting the propaganda needs of commercial advertising.

Wider Advertising Coverage

Leyard led display supports network control function, you can control the display ads of several cities in one place and change the content you want to play at any time

Environment Monitoring Systems of Led Display

With the led display environment monitoring system, you can know the operation status of the led display at any time, at any place according to the weather changes.

Unique Cabinet Design

Lighter and thinner cabinet, saving your shipping costs and making your installation more easily.

Saving Power

The Leyard led display uses less power and has a long performance life. For example, a Total 20sqm high-brightness P7.8 advertising led display which equipped with side-emitting technology, with a brightness of about 5500cd/㎡ can save about 60 kilowatts in one month.

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