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The Type of Elevator Doors

There are two main types of elevator doors, namely sliding doors and revolving doors. At present, sliding doors are widely used.

Sliding doors can be divided into three types according to the opening direction: center opening door,two-panel sliding door and direct opening door. The elevator landing door must be the same type as the car door.

(1) Center opening door

The center opening door is divided from the middle. When opening the door, the left and right door leaves slide to both sides at the same speed; when closing the door, they close to the middle at the same speed.

According to the number of doors,this kind of door usually has two types:two-panel center opening and four-panel center opening. The four-panel type is used for elevators with large opening width. At this time, the movement of two-panel speed sliding door on one side is the same as that of two-speed sliding  doors.

(2) Two-panel sliding door

The two-panel sliding door is pushed open from one side to the other side or closed from one side to the other side. According to the number of elevator door panels, there are usually single, two-panel and three-panel sliding doors.

When the two speed sliding door has two panels, the movement of the two panels is different when opening and closing, but the movement time must be the same, so the speed of the two doors are different, one is fast and the other is slow. The door is called fast door if its speed is fast, conversely it is called slow door.So the two-panel sliding door is also known as two speed sliding door. Because the door is folded together after opening, it is also called two-fold door.

Similarly, when the two-panel sliding door has three panels, it is called three speed sliding door and three-fold door.

According to the opening direction, the two-panel sliding door can be divided into left hand two speed sliding door and right hand speed sliding door. The way to distinguish  is as follows: when a person stands in the car and faces outside, the door opens to the right, which is called right hand two speed sliding door; otherwise, it is the left hand two speed sliding door.

(3) Direct opening door

The direct opening door is pushed from the bottom to the top, which is also called gate type door. According to the number of door panels, it can be divided into single, two and three panels and so on. Similar to the two-panel slidng door, two panel door is called two speed door, and three door is called three speed door.

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