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Reasonable intake of dietary fiber is beneficial to weight loss

We often hear those who introduce weight loss experience say that pay attention to supply lamentably dietary fiber when you lose weight, since it can help lose weight cure constipation, detoxify , and fight cancer. In short, in their description, there are many benefits and even no harm is done.

 Maybe you also eat a lot of high-fiber drinks, biscuits and even drugs when you lose weight , hopping to supplement dietary fiber and become thinner. But how to consume dietary fiber is scientific and reasonable?

 Why dietary fiber helps lose weight?

 In fact,dietary fiber cannot directly make us thinner, nor can it be digested by the body, and can not provide nutrition.But it can well promote the digestion and excretion of solid waste.  Appropriate supplementation of dietary fiber can soften the food in our intestines and promote intestinal peristalsis, thereby speeding up bowel movements, preventing constipation and reducing the risk of liver cancer.In addition, fiber can help regulate blood sugar and help prevent diabetes.  It can also reduce the absorption of fat during digestion and lower cholesterol levels.  So as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

 Dietary fiber also lowers blood cholesterol and triglycerides, and controls obesity.  Eating more can help women remove toxins from the body and prevent skin problems such as pigmentation and acne.  Promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and improve the absorption capacity of the body.

 In addition, the dietary fiber in the intestine swells when exposed to water, which not only makes people feel full and reduces excessive calorie intake; but also uses excess sugar and grease to be excreted together with the old deposited waste in the intestine, and as a sequence, help to lose weight.

 Get out of the misunderstanding of dietary fiber

 The first misunderstanding:Dietary fiber is a rough meal.

 The truth is: Some delicate-tasting foods, such as mushrooms, beans, konjac, etc., are also rich in dietary fiber, which is just bathable dietary fiber, while foods that taste a bit rough like celery and whole wheat bread do not contain  Soluble fiber, they perform their own functions in the intestine.  Soluble fiber can slow down the speed of food digestion and help excrete excess cholesterol; non-bathable fiber can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, make stool soft, prevent constipation, help discharge harmful substances in the intestine, and reduce the risk of intestinal cancer.

 The second misunderstanding:The more dietary fiber needs to be eaten, the better?

 The truth is: 30 grams per day is the best. There is no doubt about the benefits of dietary fiber, but not more is better.  The British National Advisory Committee recommends a dietary fiber intake of 20 to 30 grams per capita per day.  Too much dietary fiber can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.  Affect the absorption of protein, minerals and certain trace elements.  Therefore, the daily intake of dietary fiber should not exceed 50 grams.

 The third misunderstanding: Only raw vegetables can play the role of dietary fiber?

 The truth is: Heating will not affect the effect of dietary fiber. The vegetable tea becomes soft and easy to eat after being fried and boiled, but it does not mean that the dietary fiber in it has been destroyed.  In fact, the thermal stability of dietary fiber is always better.  No matter how it is cooked, it will not be destroyed and decomposed. On the contrary, heating or cut it into small pieces can make the dietary fiber, especially the insoluble dietary fiber soft which is beneficial to the elderly and children with relatively weak gastrointestinal function.

 In a nutshell, intake dietary fiber reasonably is undoubtedly benefical to weight loss.

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