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Knowledge of LED Display System Equipment

Knowledge of LED Display System Equipment

LED display is composed of display screen body, display control system and peripheral equipment. Specifically, it contains the following system equipment:

  1. Metal structural frame. The inner frame of indoor screen is made of aluminum alloy, which is equipped with various panels and switch mode power supply. The outer frame is made of square tubes made of brown aluminum alloy or aluminum alloy coated stainless steel. The frame of outdoor screen is made of angle steel or universal beam according to the size and bearing capacity of the screen, which can be decorated with aluminum-plastic board.

  1. Display unit. It is composed of luminescent material and drive circuit. Indoor screens are unit display boards of various specifications. Outdoor screens are unit boxes. The display unit is generally composed of shift registers and latches with grayscale control functions. The scale of LED poster screens is often larger with ultra-large integrated circuits.

  1. Scanning board. The scanning board plays a connecting role. On the one hand, it receives the video signal from the main controller. On the other hand, it transmits the data of its own level to each display control unit. At the same time, it also transmits the data that does not belong to its own level to the next cascaded scanning board.

  1. LED display board switching power supply. It converts 220V alternating current into all kinds of direct current for various circuits.

  1. Twisted pair transmission cable. It transmits the display data and various control signals generated by the main controller to the screen.

  1. Screen controller. It can convert the signal of computer display card into data and control signal format required by LED display screen.

  1. Dedicated display card and multimedia card. Besides the basic functions of computer display card, it can also output digital RGB signals to the screen controller. In addition to the above functions, multimedia card can also change the input analog video signals into digital RGB signals (i.e. video capture).

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