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It is nba 2k21 mt almost like the “I am offering a service

Seeing the same thing everywhere. It is nba 2k21 mt almost like the “I am offering a service’ attitude has become”please purchase this for msrp since rents due and I blew all my cash on consoles”.

Let em all fucking starve guy. There’s zero incentive to receive it with possibly no return policy anyhow. I wouldn’t even buy it for cheaper from them because I need these assclowns to learn a tough lesson and never again.

I get up every day or two. . .and right if my coffee really gets everything moving I go sit on my throne and laugh at ebay prices falling. . .like nearly everyone else that did not succumb to scalpers I am good just waiting until amazon will drop off one at my doorway. No rush needed its not like there is some list of games that I can’t play right now if I need.

Yea I’ve seen that done, folks buying a console for buy nba 2k21 mt coins one game which they need, and selling it later. I bought a”brand new” condition XBONE from a man, with two games being Star Wars, and he handed it to me in a Star Wars bag… Some people just want their one matter and don’t bother with exclusive bs Thus, to be honest, I was trying to snatch one up for a friend who didn’t have the time to track them. They then said to still get it, as this friends sister was searching for one. Week and a half afterwards, I land one and tell my buddy.

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