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How To Realize The Interactive Effect Of The Led Transparent Screen On The Glass Path?

In recent years, LED glass screen have continuously emerged in scenic spots across the country, driving waves of tourists and becoming an indispensable “magic weapon” for tourist attractions. The main reason is that the realistic interactive effect of the transparent screen on the glass path is too eye-catching.

Overview of the LED transparent screen of the glass plank

The glass walkway of most scenic areas is built on the top of a mountain or a cliff. The perfect coordination of the LED transparent screen and the glass of the walkway does not affect the line of sight of the glass walkway. So how to achieve the interactive effect of the 3d effect led screen on the glass path?

Glass plank LED transparent screen to achieve interactive effects

Because the glass walkway is built on the mountain, the brightness of the LED transparent screen is generally required to be more than 4500. Even if the tourists go out in bad weather, it will not affect the occlusion of the glass walkway. Otherwise, as soon as the sun comes out, the transparent glass display effect will be unreal. The appearance of tempered glass on the screen will affect the viewing experience.

The principle of the general scenic glass walkway screen is that the interactive system effect, radar induction, sound and LED transparent screen cooperate with each other. Simply put, installing radar equipment on the glass bridge deck can sense the footsteps of tourists. When the footsteps fall, the interactive system sends instructions to the LED transparent screen, and then displays broken glass in the image of the LED transparent screen; secondly, the most common effect of the glass plank is the special effect of broken glass. This effect is very simple to achieve, under the tempered glass The broken glass is not only a piece of glass but also a transparent LED display. It is technically necessary to use the developed sensor radar, with special software, when a person walks into the sensor area, the radar sends a command, and the special effect is triggered to play the broken glass screen. Even audio.

And this special effect must give people a sudden feeling, that is to say, in the distance, you can see the picture below the glass walkway, and you can’t see the difference from the other glass walkways on the side, only the feet of the people step into this. In the block area, the special effect of broken glass came out, giving a sudden shock.

In summary, the special effect glass plank LED interactive screen is a new technology that perfectly combines the LED transparent screen and the radar, adding more fun to everyone. LED plank display is not only widely used in scenic glass bridges, but also widely used in hotels, weddings, museums and stages.

At present, the LED transparent screen developed by Leyard Vteam Display has a permeability of more than 75% and a brightness level of 5000-6000CD/㎡, which can be well-matched with the glass plank road, and achieve interactive effects through interactive sensing radar.

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