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The advantages of greenhouse cover material

Greenhouse cover material is used to diffuse light. If you are looking to spread out sunlight and reduce direct sun exposure, pure white or 55% white may be a great choice for you. We offer pure white for those who want to reduce direct sunlight. We also have some select 55% white that will be a bit brighter than the standard white. White grow house film helps to keep a consistent temperature by reducing hot spots and cold spots typically found in clear nursery greenhouses. With Farm Plastic Supply white film, it is either pure white or 55% white. Both are great quality products.

Greenhouse cover material is a thick, flexible material that comes in sheets of various thickness (measured in micron) that can be used in single or double layers (for better insulation). A quick and inexpensive option for growers, Huifa’s high-quality greenhouse film has ultraviolet (UV) protection and offers excellent tensile strength durability. Polyethylene plastic greenhouse film translucency diffuses light well, bouncing the available sunlight and reducing shadows, both of which aid plant growth. PE film is also easy to install with homeowner tools and modest building skills.

Structure of greenhouse cover material
Greenhouse cover material for the turnkey agriculture greenhouse structure, adopting hot-dip galvanized steel pipe as the main column, connected by galvanized steel truss and galvanized gutter with galvanized bolts and screws without any welding point, embedded steel parts also supplied together.

Once build up,20 years of service life guaranteed; For the Glass multi-span greenhouse and polycarbonate multi-span greenhouse, commonly adopting the design of 3 roofs for every span, each span can be 16m and every inner single bay can be 8m.

Greenhouse cover material adopting high lighting transmitting float glass and polycarbonate sheet as covering material is excellent for facility agriculture greenhouse construction. Beautiful appearance, simple and standard and quick construction and installation, stable structure, very suitable for the vegetable and flower cultivation.

The advantages of greenhouse cover material
With the rapid development of facility agriculture, greenhouse cover material has been used as an important covering material for agriculture greenhouse lighting&covering material.
1. The greenhouse cover material has an ultra-high transmittance of 80% or more, white color, green color and blue and etc for choice.

2. Over ten years of long-term use warranty period, each polycarbonate plate edge is steel stamped with the company’s brand, the date of manufacture, truly ten-year quality assurance; the surface has anti-aging protective layer treatment.

3. Greenhouse cover material with advanced and reliable anti-fog technology dealing, resistant fog always.

4. High strength, excellent thermal insulation performance, perfect water leakage resistance.

5. Quick and simple installation,with supplementary supporting aluminum alloy profiles for greenhouses.

6. Greenhouse cover material is rich in variety, there are two-layer, three-layer, four-layer, five-layer, and other structures to choose from. PC polycarbonate plate is 4mm thick, 6mm thick, 8mm thick, 10mm thick, 12mm thick, 14mm thick, 16mm thick and other options are available.

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