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How to connect the geomembrane?

Geomembrane connection includes the connection of the geomembrane and the vertical impervious wall, the bonding (welding) of the geomembrane itself, and the connection between the upper part of the aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers and the capping platform or the reinforced concrete flood wall.

The geomembrane connection should firstly connect the geomembrane to the vertical cut-off wall, and then connect the upper part of the geomembrane to the capping platform or the reinforced concrete flood control wall. The geomembrane joints that have been constructed should be properly protected to avoid human factors or mechanical damage.

Connect the bottom of the geomembrane.
(1) The bottom of the geomembrane is connected to the vertical impervious wall. The contractor shall wait until the construction of this section of the wall is completed and approved by the supervisor before proceeding with the joint treatment construction.
(2) When connecting the bottom of the wholesale HDPE Liner made in China to the wall, the geomembrane near the impervious wall should be folded 10cm to prevent the uneven deformation of the foundation.
(3) When the bottom of the geomembrane expansion joint is connected, the contractor shall affix the main geomembrane strip reinforcement structure with a width of 20cm on the joint boundary to prevent water leakage.
(1) The self-bonding of geomembrane should be tested on site. The strength of the geomembrane after bonding should not decrease, and the bonding strength after the adhesive is soaked in water should not be lower than the design strength. Construction can only be carried out after passing the inspection and reporting to the supervision engineer for approval.
(2) Before low price China HDPE liner bonding construction, check whether there is any damage, and if any damage is found, repair it immediately. Prepare planed wood plank. During bonding construction, pre-lay the wood board on the bottom of the geomembrane, flatten the membrane body, blow off the dust with a hair dryer at the interface, and apply the adhesive. Stick according to the performance requirements of the adhesive. Connect, and constantly rub with cotton yarn. The bonding seam width of the geomembrane itself is generally 10cm, and the minimum bonding width should be no less than 8cm.
(3) The self-bonding of the geomembrane should be carried out indoors first. The splicing workshop should be covered with rain-proof, natural ventilation, easy to volatilize organic solvents such as adhesives, and strengthen labor protection measures for employees.
(4) When bonding on site, the contractor should adopt different construction measures according to different weather conditions. Wipe frequently on sunny days to prevent dust and debris from falling on the bonding surface; an awning should be provided on rainy days and must be maintained. The bonding surface is dry and the glue is dry before bonding (or bonding according to the use and requirements specified by the manufacturer). The bonded geomembrane must be covered with a rain cloth to prevent damage. The spliced ​​geomembrane should be left on the edge. , The application of film is well protected to prevent the interface geomembrane from being polluted.

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