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Elevator Door System (Ⅱ)

The car door

It is mainly composed of door operator device, door panel, safety device and car door sill installation.

The hall door

It is mainly composed of hall door device, door cover, door panel, external unlocking device, self-closing device and hall door sill. Hall door device: main transmission mechanism, guide mechanism and  door locking device.

Car door, landing door and the relationship between them

The car door is a door set at the entrance of the car, which is located on the side of the car near the landing door for the driver, passengers and goods to enter and leave. In simple elevators, the door, opening and closing manually, is called manually operated door. General elevator doors are equipped with door locks that open automatically driven by the car door and equipped with electrical and mechanical interlocking devices. Only when the car door is opened can the elevator landing door be opened. Therefore, the car door is called the power operated door, and the landing door is called manually operated door.

Only when the car door and landing door are completely closed can the elevator run. In order to transfer the movement of the car door to the landing door, the car door is equipped with a link device (such as door vane). The door vane can drive the landing door to move by cooperating with the landing door lock. In order to prevent the elevator door from clamping people when closing, the car door is often equipped with a door closing safety device (anti-pinch protection device).


Elevator Door Operator

Landing Door Device

Fire Rated Lift Landing Door

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