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But clearly whatever it is classic wow gold

But clearly whatever it is classic wow gold that checks you have the correct mining skill is clientside – and not confirmed by the server.Random name plate spawns underground only arbitrary characters and mines the node and glitches off my screen. Was a low lvl toon if I remember correctly.

If they don’t put a strict limit on how much gold it is possible to transfer from Classic to TBC, the market is done-zo right out the gate.

Person I believed I had been in the majority of people believing the best method to perform TBC would be a 100% fresh server. I really don’t know why blizz can not just make new and continued servers. I don’t think that it’s an exaggeration to state that the playing experience could be entirely different between them.

People overwhelmingly stated that the first month of fresh classic has been the best part but say they are not in favor of fresh TBC, such as wat?

My problem with 100% fresh servers is that, everyone is cheap wow classic gold super hyped for BC so that they can level in Outland and enter the new content. They do not want to level up brand new characters through the old world, which is still 1 hell of a slog to level throughout in BC.

Yeah I believe that but if folks don’t wish to level new characters they then can play the continued servers. The older world levelling is also significantly faster, you could definitely get to 60 over 2-3 weeks of fair playtime.

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