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Technical advantages of Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer

Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer also know as tank trailer, road tanker, etc. Apply for transporting Fuel, JET A-1, Water, Liquid chemical, Crude oil, Food oil, etc. Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer is widely used in oil depot, petrol station,oil field, chemical factory, food oil factory, bitumen factory, etc.

Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer for transporting the car. According to the structure of a total of three models, namely 2axle 8tires,2axle 4tires,1axle 4tires; According to the appearance is divided into a skeleton, semi-enclosed, closed.

Technical advantages of Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer
1. The vehicle follows the concept of user-friendly, modular, generalized design, according to the type of transport media and tonnage, can be professionalized private customization.
2. Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer through CAE strength analysis for the overall structure optimization, frame optional with a variety of structures, weight light, high loading rate.
3. The use of customized high-strength steel materials to ensure the quality of raw materials, the vehicle strength is higher, more stable performance.
4. The use of automated advanced production technology and equipment, in the welding strength at the same time to improve the aesthetics of welding.
5.Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer the board adopts automatic welding, the weld is beautiful, does not deform, and ensures the welding strength.

“LUYI” brand Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer, tanks using automatic longitudinal/ring to the welding seam is firm and level off, can be independent warehouse storage, shipment different abrasive materials, unloading speed, low residual rate, safety performance is high, easy to operate. The shape is round or M tanks, material can choose carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy. Inside the bag or fluidized bed or MiZiXing fluidized bed. Good performance of the simple structure, convenient maintenance, vulcani zation. Can choose air compressor or direct drive transmission shaft (optional belt drive and motor drive). Help clients get more, cost less.
Feature of Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer
1. Loading rate >98% fully filling
2. Residual rate <0.2% 3. Delivery height >25m suitable most silo
4. Faster unloading >1.5ton/min save fuel

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