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Structural Analysis of Elevator Door System (Ⅱ)

Door vane and latch hook

Most of the elevator door system failures are found in the door locks. The opening and closing of the elevator landing door is realized by the door vane on the car door. Some center opening landing doors are equipped with a door lock. After the landing door is closed, the mechanical latch hook of the door lock is engaged. At the same time, the electrical interlocking contact of the landing door is closed, and the electrical control circuit is connected. At this time, the elevator can start operation.

Safety protection device

In order to prevent passengers from being pinched in the process of closing the door, the entrance of car door shall be equipped with safety protection device. When the landing door being closed is blocked, the door shall be reopened automatically. Common protective devices are divided into contact and non-contact. Contact is also known as safety touch plate. Non-contact is divided into: photoelectric protection device, ultrasonic monitoring device, electromagnetic induction protection device.

Emergency unlocking device setting

There is a special key hole opened by triangle key on the surface of hall door. After rotation, the lever of triangle lock can move the elevator door lock to open the door latch hook, so that the hall door can be opened, and the car door operator can enter the car roof for operation judgment and trouble clearing, and it can be used in emergency rescue. The emergency unlocking device must also have the function that the latch hook can automatically reset after the key is released.

Main technical requirements of elevator door system

The gap between the car door machine and the landing door sill, the landing door lock roller and the car sill shall not be less than 5mm; the Do not rub with each other during operation. When the door lock is closed, the safety contact can be connected only when the engagement depth between the latch hook and the door lock block of passenger elevator center opening door should reach 7mm or more. At the same time, the safety contact of the auxiliary door lock is also connected, so as to ensure the normal operation of the elevator under the condition of verifying that the door lock works in place. In the opening direction of active panel of horizontal moving door and folding door, 150N of manpower is applied at the most unfavorable point, and the gap mentioned in the preceding article is allowed to be increased, but for side opening door not more than 30mm, and for center opening doors, the total is not more than 45 mm. The gap between door panels, between door panel and stand column, door lintel and sill shall not be greater than 6 mm for passenger elevators and 8 mm for freight elevators. Due to wear and tear during use, it is allowed to reach 10 mm.


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