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Some common faults and solutions of automatic noodle machines

In the consumption of noodles, the application of the automatic noodle machine not only improves the efficiency of consumption, but also the thickness of the pressed noodles is average, and the pressed noodles are automatically cut and automatically loaded pillow shape candy packing machine, which reduces the labor force for the consumption of noodles. In the process of using the automatic noodle machine, sometimes due to operational errors, the machine presents some problems when pressing the noodles. The following is a solution to some common problems, I hope you can help.

1. Deviation of the dough during pressing. This situation is caused by the different gaps between the two ends of the pressing roller candy roll cutting and forming machine. Adjust the gap of the pressing roller to make the gaps between the two ends diverge to deal with the problem of deviation of the dough.

2. The dough has a curved wave shape. This situation is caused by the excessively large angle of the scraper between the rollers and the dough knife, which can be dealt with after proper adjustment.

3. The noodles or noodles are sticky because of the excessive moisture when mixing the noodles or the lack of flour in the dry powder box flat lollipop forming machine. If the flour cannot be sprinkled normally, the noodles will become sticky. Pay attention to the above conditions.

4. The noodles cannot be automatically broken. Check the position of the cutting edge and the bottom plate. After the noodles are adjusted in place, the noodles will be automatically cut off.

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