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Advantage of Temperate sunlight greenhouse

Temperate sunlight greenhouse uses simpler facilities, make full use of solar energy, and generally do not overheat winter vegetables in cold areas. The cultivation facilities for producing fresh vegetables have distinctive Chinese characteristics.

Temperate sunlight greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that is divided according to the existence of heating equipment, that is, non-heating greenhouses. Mainly rely on natural heating by daylight and insulation blankets at night to maintain indoor temperature. Generally, simpler facilities are used, and the full use of solar energy is a unique facility in China.

The temperate sunlight greenhouse is a three-sided wall and one side plastic fil greenhouse, is a unique type of greenhouse. It is achieved heat storage by wall after the absorption of solar energy and not heated internally to maintain indoor temperature level to meet the needs of the growth of vegetable crops in the greenhouse structure. It has the advantage of good insulation effect, low investment, energy conservation.

The main structure of the Temperate sunlight greenhouse is simple and practical, with low cost and low operation cost. It is suitable for winter. The top of the greenhouse is double-arch and double-film, which can effectively prevent heat loss and cold air intrusion. It has a good thermal insulation effect and low operation cost in winter. It is widely used in flower planting, seedling breeding, flower market, scientific research, teaching, and so on.

Advantage of Temperate sunlight greenhouse
1.Sound insulation—windows and door are dedicatedly designed and selected, their sealing property is several times higher than that of original windows and doors. They can insulate above 30DB noise outside the windows.
2.Wind proof—strong firmness is ensured by super thick profile and refined three-dimensional structural shape design and fixing them with screw on the frames of windows and doors.
3.Temperate sunlight greenhouse water proof—the frames of windows and doors adopt a three-cavity design and feature strong rigidity, the independent drain cavity can ensure smooth drainage in any case.
4.Heat insulation—quality heat-insulated materials are used and feature strong anti-flaming and fireproof performance.
5.Watertight and Airtight—imported adhesive tape is used and can resist aging for over 10 years, the air tightness is less than0.5M/M.H, and the water tightness is more than 350PA, therefore, it can prevent gale and rainstorm from against the air windows.
6.Surface—it is treated with corrosion and aging resistance, which ensures a fresh and beautiful surface in any place and environment.
7.Opening and closing—the pulley rail features an extremely low friction coefficient, it s easy and smooth to open and close without noise.

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