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You might want to classic wow gold

First of all, it was. You might want to classic wow gold look at this sub for several warnings from pirated host players around DMT farm gold injection which has result in 300+ golden flasks etc. etc..

Second, pirated servers offered either equipment being sold to gamers (so less incentive to raid after down you KT for the first time) or welfare herbs for their players by increasing herbs spawn rate several times so everyone got their very own free herb as far as they want to.

Nope because I played with on private servers and what he’s saying matches up, also he’s not taking anecdotal evidence from those on this subreddit as reality regardless how far it hurts the story that you are trying to drive.

Considers the narrative being pushed is not mine.

Very much so. There is much less inflation when the wow classic gold for sale admins are selling the gold and also have an actual interest in preventing bots and/or multiboxers from farming it.

Admins of only one enormous pserver were captured selling gold/ranks. It got destroyed after this, shutting their earnings for a while. I think it’s not all of the other pservers”did not get captured” – they simply don’t do so, it’s too risky. There are strategies to profit off a pserver without alienating the playerbase by the most shady stuff.

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