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Features of Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer

We are the manufacturer of various trailers, like Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer, low bed semi-trailer, flatbed semi-trailer, cargo trailer, box style trailer, fuel tank trailer, etc. We can be base on your requirements and design a frame bearing surface, to meet a variety of special cargo.

Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer for transporting the car. According to the structure of a total of three models, namely 2axle 8tires,2axle 4tires,1axle 4tires; According to the appearance is divided into a skeleton, semi-enclosed, closed.

Features of Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer
1. Advanced means of production technology and perfect testing equipment to protect the product. The overall structure is reasonable, reliable performance.
2. Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer frame body Q345B high strength structure steel, automatic submerged arc welding throughout beams, and other cross-section main stringers structure for optimum carrying effect.
3. We adopt famous brand to ensure the good performance of the vehicle.
Axle: FUWA BPW brands or Huajing brand optional
Tire: Triangle Double Coin brand Or Double Star optional
Support leg: JOST or others
4. Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer using balanced type suspension, balanced biaxial suspension or rigid suspension, mass balance blocks are being fitted between the front and rear leaf spring that enables the force balance to both front and rear axles.

Application of Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer
Suitable for the transportation of cars, commercial vehicles, jeep, other passenger cars.
1. Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer system mainly adopts the transportation vehicles semi-trailer rectangular pipe welded together frame structure, the overall high intensity, lightweight, good appearance, have fully enclosed type, half hanging, semi-enclosed and frame type to wait for a few kinds structure, the use of safe and reliable.
2. The model fully absorbed the features of similar domestic and foreign products, adopt a unique lifting system, the key part adopts renowned domestic and foreign products, load ability, and high reliability.
3.Car hauler/carrier semi-trailer the whole upper platform can be used at a certain height, thus the can carry different specifications of cars, MPV and SUVs and a pickup trucks, miniature passenger vehicles such as 5-10 vehicles. User’s special customized vehicles can possess such special vehicle smoked full function, can transport various kinds of automobiles, return distribution, and other functions. The car is realized commodity car sales ideal tool for zero miles per hour.

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