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As a person who wants to EVE echoes

So, my corp recently begun using this absolutely amazing tool! Just wanted to EVE Mobile ISK point out a potential bug? When using ! Bp cyclone, it generates information for the T7 BC. When adding abilities, so! Bp cyclone 4/3/0 it generates information for your Cyclone Guardian, technician 9 ship.Maybe I’m simply missing something and doing it wrong, I’d take screenshots in case you want me to PM them to you. Thank you a lot for sharing this!

There are a few bugs in the fuzzy hunting. I will be looking at repairing those tonight!No anxieties, thanks so much! But adoring the tool either way. In having problems I can find the bot working through pvt chat but it will not work in our overall:/ I have to be overlooking something I belive it’s permission. (I didnt change anything) I am new to this bot stuff lmao!It’s probably a permissions problem. You could try joining the discord connected from the bot! Help control and requesting help there.

Thanks! I have just implemented a fix for this in my dev construct, I should be prepared to push an upgrade in another hour or so two.I added it to my server but nothing happens when im write the commands that you added in examples.Make certain that the bot has permissions to read and send messages to the channel you’re attempting to use the commands from.Yes that was the error, today it works.Updated with fresh orders this morning! Check out the Planetary Resources control to discover the closest planets with the highest planetary resource output signal or use the jump command to quickly find out the number of jumps are between any two methods!

Just my proposal. As a person who wants to sell planetary materials in a large volume, I think I would rather observe the maximum price of the item, but at precisely the exact same time, the highest price should have a large quantity (so maybe it should not be predicted highest purchase price per se, but more like highest buy price with a minimum of X large quantity with the quantity being dynamic for each item). For instance, right now, Lustering Alloy out of your API is put at 73.20 each unit.

However, as somebody who specializes in Planetary Materials, I want to market my mats at the highest price (obv). If I see the industry in-game right now, the highest buy price is 113.0, but the individual is only purchasing 1,025 units:–LRB- So I probably won’t sell there seeing there is another individual purchasing for 110.0 per unit and he needs 24,929 units. I naturally wish to sell for 110.0 each rather than 113.0 (due to the low purchase quantity) or 73.20 (the average cost ). So if there is a way to cheap eve echoes isk demonstrate this 110.0, it’d be great.

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