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The requirements to meet the cold pressing standards

The difference between cold pressing and hot pressing is to preheat the raw materials and press them after processing. We call it hot pressing. One is to squeeze our oil without any hype. So what is considered to meet a cold pressing specification automatic candy tablet press pill machine, we will clarify several elements and required requirements for cold pressing oil for readers below.

Choosing a suitable cold-press oil machine model can process granular oils such as rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cottonseed, tea seed, etc. When buying the machine, first check whether the surface paint of the oil press machine is even, check whether the parts of the machine are short, and then turn the large pulley by hand to make it rotate a few more times to check whether there are iron blocks and other foreign objects in the press chamber automatic material mixing machine, Whether there is jamming phenomenon, and pay attention to whether the gear meshing in the gear box is normal. The so-called cold pressed or hot pressed linseed oil is pressed. In a narrow sense, it refers to a process of squeezing oil in the process of edible oil consumption, and does not represent the entire process. Cold pressing of cold-pressed linseed oil; the concept includes three important meanings: the process of pressing the oil is cold, and the fire or steaming method of the conventional consumption process is not used, and the oil temperature is 70°C. The refining process of crude oil is completely stopped at room temperature. The whole consumption process adopts physical methods from beginning to end, without any chemical reaction. These three points are indispensable. If one of them fails to meet the other two, it loses meaning, the craftsmanship returns to the old way, and the product is still an old product.

If the oil press that does not meet the above 1 point request is definitely not a cold oil press peanut brittle flatting machine, even if it meets the above requirements, it may not necessarily be a cold oil press, but these are the basic requirements and conditions. Whether cold pressing meets the requirements depends on different people. The request and dialectic to determine whether the attributes of the oil press.

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