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Both the Phosphorylated peptides and the retinol group

Sederma conducted two studies that support Matrixyl’s anti wrinkle benefits. In one study, 16 volunteers applied a cream containing 3 percent Matrixyl or a cream with 0.07 percent retinol. The study subjects applied the cream daily for two months and then twice daily for two months. Both the Phosphorylated peptides and the retinol group showed similar results in reducing wrinkle depth, wrinkle surface and wrinkle length. Skin thickness increased by 6.5 percent after two months and 8.6 percent after four months with Matrixyl; retinol increased skin thickness by 4.0 percent after two months and 8.7 percent after four months.


If you want to choose between an anti wrinkle or peptide lotion is difficult to give you a definitive answers unless you compare specific product names. Some anti wrinkle creams are ineffective and contain many harsh chemicals, but there are also natural anti wrinkle creams that are highly effective. The same goes for peptide lotions some may be effective and others not.

But let me give you some guidelines on what Anti wrinkle Lotions and Creams are highly effective:

The basic things that an anti aging product should do is:

To contain anti oxidants that Custom Long Peptide Synthesis
Stimulate collagen within the skin
Stimulate Elastin production
Moisture your Skin

There are many anti wrinkle creams that claim to achieve those points, but most of the only contain low concentrations of the active ingredients, so you will not see any significant improvement.

On the other hand, there are a few natural creams and lotions that not just are highly effective in protecting your skin and stimulating collagen and elastin, but Isotope labeling peptide also boost your hyaluronic acid which is an essential substance that all our skin has but our body declines its production as we age.


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