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I believe part of the matter is meseta pso2

I believe part of the matter is meseta pso2 you framing it using the word”investment.” An investment is something that you that you see a return on.

You are looking at investment by a strictly materialistic real-world standpoint and ignoring the idea of other sorts of”return” which come from”investing” time/and or money into a game.Even if I’ve cumulatively spent about $6600 on PSO2 and PSO2NA over the last 8 decades, I’ve gotten more than that in yield in selling AC scrapes for Meseta, amazing cosmetics I can not get in other games, and a play experience no other game ever published has been able to offer.

Taking those items and dividing them across four games is sort of a kick to the teeth to its own loyal playerbase.

Calling MHW a money grab when they often release content updates with new critters and gears for many players? The makeup are just there if you would like to cheap PSO2 Meseta offer extra support and is no way required to enjoy the game.

As someone who has played and defeated (three time G-rank) every monster hunter besides two and liberty unite, they’re always releasing another game. That is why we’re at 4 ultimate before we have worlds. I would be surprised if they ceased at worlds and didn’t create a worlds supreme or MH5.

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