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X120-D UV Spot Repair System

The X120-D UV Spot Repair System is mainly used for the repair of point defects in drainage pipes. According to different pipe diameters, the corresponding airbags are selected to accurately repair the damaged points. It is mainly composed of a main control system and an airbag. Its main characteristics are high efficiency, stability, precision, and controllability. It can repair a damaged point in 8 minutes.

X120-D UV Spot Repair System Main Parts

Main Control System

Control function: The physical button can not only achieve the automatic take-up of the cable reel and adjust the take-up speed; but also control the air inflation and deflation as well as the switches of the ultraviolet lamp;

Status display: State of the light source; airbag type; pressure value; traveled distance of the airbag; states of air inflation and deflation; and restoration time;

Cable length: Length of the standard cable is 80m

Cable parameters: The cable interior adopts the air pipe of 6mm, four cores of 1.5mm and two wires of the diameter <15mm, showing the characteristics of water resistance, abrasive resistance, acid fastness, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance;

Automatic winding displacement: Ensure the regular distribution of the cable on the cable reel in the course of take-up and pay-off;

Counting: Adopt the high-precision encoder with the counting resolution ratio of 1mm ;

Power supply: AC220V input, with the maximum instantaneous power of 3KW. It’s suggested to use the 5KW generator for power

Dimension: 1135mm*660mm*590mm;

Weight: 120kg (including the weight of cable).


Packer Specification CA1 CA2 CA3
Packer length 1410 1507 1697 mm
Silica gel length 1200 1200 1200 mm
Silica gel diameter 150 200 300 mm
Packer minimum diameter 172 261 361 mm
Minimum pipe diameter for restoration 200 300 400 mm
Maximum pipe diameter for restoration 300 400 600 mm
Restoration length <600 <600 <600 mm
Packer Weight 16.3 22.6 30.6 KG

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