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The right tofu machine cleaner

After the tofu machine is processed, it is very necessary to thoroughly and effectively clean and maintain the entire equipment. The main purpose of the need to stop washing the processed tofu machine in time is to avoid the influence of microbial reproduction on the quality of processed food.

(1) Detergent
1. Acid detergent. The components of the acid lotion are organic acid and inorganic acid special lollipop packing machine. Organic acids are citric acid, malic acid, gluconic acid, etc., and inorganic acids are phosphoric acid, which are surface active agents.

2. Alkaline detergent. The ingredients of the strong alkaline lotion are inorganic salts, organic chelating agents, and surface active agents. It is mainly combined with caustic alkali, which has agglomeration and sterilization effects on protein synthesis and grease. It is suitable for serious inorganic and organic pollution. It is used to remove tofu during heat treatment. The solid organic and inorganic contaminants on the equipment can be used with chelating agents to remove scale. The weak alkaline lotion is combined with NaCO3, sodium silicate, sodium tripolyphosphate, etc. The ingredients are weak alkaline organic and inorganic salts, and surface active agents. It has the function of synthesizing dirt and dispersing dirt and blocking metal ions. It is suitable for cleaning the bed wall of the tofu machine, such as medium-level oil, protein, carbohydrate pollution, dipping or semi-automatic bottle washing, etc. The series lotion is suitable for serious organic pollution. In order to reduce the ordinary surface tension of the alkaline lotion and improve the permeability and dirt dispersion, it is necessary to add a small amount of surface active agent.

(2) Fungicide
The ingredients of the bactericidal lotion are inorganic organochlorine compounds and peroxides, iodine compounds and surface active agents. There are two kinds of alkaline and acid, suitable for moderate and light organic and inorganic pollution special lollipop production line, and used for cleaning the walls, beds, work clothes and fingers of the tofu machine. Commonly used bactericides are sulfamic acid, sodium hypochlorite, bactericidal surfactants, hydrogen peroxide and so on.

1. Sulfamic acid. Sulfamic acid is very commonly used for cleaning and decontamination in tofu machine equipment. It is used to clean the scale on the inner wall and bottom of the wine storage and storage equipment in the brewing equipment, with a concentration of 20-25g/1, 70℃, and then rinse with water. It is used to clean the scale (calcium carbonate and other various salts) of vegetable pre-cooking equipment (amount 3%~5% by weight), temperature 70℃. It is used for cleaning the milk conveying pipeline to avoid the formation of hard water precipitation and the cleaning (descaling) of the drill furnace, etc.

2. Sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite has a rapid sterilization effect on tofu machine equipment, is non-selective to microorganisms, and has sufficient fermentation and sterilization efficiency. The appearance of the appliance does not form a film flat lollipop forming machine, and it is almost unaffected by water hardness and other ingredients. When the sterilization concentration is low, it is non-toxic and easy to determine the concentration. It is liquid, easy to measure, contains high concentration of active ingredients, can remove bad odor, and has the advantages of low price.

Cleaning is a reliable way to restore the good performance of the tofu machine, extend the service life of the machine, and improve the quality and efficiency of machine processing. However, if the cleaning is not timely or the cleaning agent is not selected properly, it may be counterproductive. For such risks, it is hoped that relevant personnel must pay sufficient attention to the daily cleaning of the machine.

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