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Shopping Guide: How to Choose Bicycle Helmet

  1. Child Safety Bike Helmet

The key to choosing the right children’s bike helmets is to select the helmet with the appropriate size. There are helmets with a wide range of sizes for choice, meeting the needs of children of all ages. In addition, child safety bike helmets need enough air vents, conforming to CE helmet quality standard.

  1. Urban and Rural Bicycle Helmets

Urban bike helmet and rural bicycle helmets are usually round and have many air vents. Be sure that the whole helmet can be cleaned or at least its internal foam parts can be detached for washing. Quality inspection is also crucial in choosing urban and rural bicycle helmets.

  1. Road Bicycle Helmet

Apart from measuring your head circumference, there are still some small things needing attention: the number of ventilation holes, mode of helmet cleaning, a quality standard like CE certification, etc. If you want a light helmet, you also need to pay attention to the weight of the helmet. Road bicycle helmets are usually light, and they are mainly different in design including aerodynamic profile and color.

  1. Mountain Bicycle Helmet

It is usually used together with mountain bikes in hiking, cross-country cycling, etc. It is similar to a road bike helmet and an urban bicycle helmet. Mountain bicycle helmets should be light, contain enough air vents, and acquire certification. Mountain bike helmets have a brim to protect against rain (and sun) or mud.

  1. Mountain Free Cycling Helmet

In mountain cycling, the movement of jumping is common. For example, when riding down the mountain, jumping is needed sometimes. Wearing a helmet is of great importance to both the beginner and the professional. The full-face helmet which is a kind of light motorcycle off-road helmet is very practical because it protects the head and jaw well in the event of a fall. In mountain cycling, falls and collisions can be quite violent, so it’s crucial to have such a helmet.

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