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Pipe Inspection System

Easy Sight as a well-known pipe inspection system producer, can provide a complete series of inspection products. Include HD CCTV inspection robots, HD  pipe periscope, sonar inspection system, CCTV & Sonar inspection system, push rod camera, 3D manhole scanner and so on.

Drainage pipelines are one of the important infrastructures in cities, but many hidden dangers caused by serious aging of pipelines have a huge impact on the quality of life and safety of people. Therefore, it is very important to carry out inspection of drainage pipes, to grasp the structure and functional safety of pipes in time, and to use scientific methods to guide maintenance and repair work.

But underground pipe inspectors are inconvenient for manual work.


Pipeline video endoscopic inspection systems have a wide range of applications. Their designs that meet the characteristics of the industry are often used by special pipeline inspection engineers, maintenance engineers, municipal drainage maintenance engineers, and plumbers to detect areas that are difficult to reach or enter.

The lens of the pipeline video endoscopic inspection system can enter and explore the urban sewage drainage system, rainwater drainage system, petrochemical process pipelines and other areas that are difficult to reach and detect. In this way, we can find problems and determine whether standard pipe dredging is required, or whether other measures need to be taken, such as removing tree roots.

When you don’t want to waste too much time, energy and investment to guess which parts of the pipeline have problems, the pipeline video endoscopic inspection system is your best choice. It can directly reach the inspection area, presenting defects and failures clearly and intuitively in front of your eyes, which is helpful for the formulation of the next maintenance and repair plan.


CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) pipe inspections are currently the most advanced and effective method for pipeline condition inspection in the world. Compared with traditional pipeline inspection technology, it has high safety and clear and intuitive images, which provides powerful help for scientific decision-making of pipeline repair programs.

Our CCTV inspection crawler has the most advanced high-resolution digital inspection camera with recorder, crawler and lighting system, which can see the situation in the pipeline at a glance. It is completely controlled by a monitor with a remote control joystick, easy to operate and easy to move. It can perform image processing, record the rotation and positioning of the camera, and have high-quality image recording and text editing functions.

The main work part is a four-wheel-drive camera car and a computer. According to different pipe diameters, different models can be selected. In the project, when it is really impossible to know the inside of the pipe, automated visual inspection equipment is used to inspect the pipe section.


According to different construction conditions, we have developed a variety of video detection solutions.

As a top pipeline inspection company, we suggest and provide you with a pipeline video inspection system that meets your inspection requirements and capital budget. No matter what industry it is used in, we can provide corresponding products to meet the different requirements of users.


Lenses with different diameters, push rods with different working lengths and different types of pipeline robots;

The entry type tube video endoscope is easy to operate;

It can not only detect the municipal drainage system, but also analyze the damage of the pipeline and repair it with a mechanical arm;

All of our pipeline video inspection products are equipped with high-resolution CMOS imaging chips and integrated high-brightness LED lighting systems to provide good auxiliary lighting for the inspection area, and can store endoscopic images and videos in the memory for later pictures Analysis and management.


Pipeline CCTV inspection is currently an effective means of drainage pipeline inspection, but based on this video camera inspection system, if the pipeline is full of water, the visibility is almost zero as in “smoggy” weather.

The pipeline sonar detection system uses an acoustic method to detect the internal conditions of the pipeline with water without draining the liquid inside the pipeline. It can form a cross-sectional view of the pipeline and intuitively understand the general situation of the pipeline inner wall and deposition. It is a powerful supplement to the CCTV detection method.

Sonar imaging devices combine with pipeline sonar inspection imaging analysis software to collect and display high-resolution contour pictures in real-time. By analyzing the contour characteristics, the deposits, condensation or structural diseases of the pipe wall can be determined.

The pipeline sonar detection system can accurately detect many structural defects of the pipeline (such as deformation, collapse, rupture, fouling, hidden connection of branch pipes, etc.) and pipeline functional defects (such as deposits, floating objects).

If you have any questions about the operation and use of our CCTV inspection products, please contact us as soon as possible, Easy-Sight will provide you with timely and effective support and advice.

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