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Fastest way is Chinning. Skeleton Apes on Ape Atoll are the fastest

Fastest way is Chinning. Skeleton Apes on Ape Atoll are the fastest, but you lose a good deal. I train at: 1. Fire Giants at Waterfall. 2. Green Dragons at Chaos Tunnels. 3. Ankous at SoS. 4. Blue Dragons in Taverly Dungeon. 5. Avansies! Cannoning Dag’s under the Lighthouse is apparently decent aswell. I believe I read somewhere you profit, or break even all of the time. Red Dragon in Brimhaven Dungeon is good, if you can find a pattern going, good money too. Green Dragons at Clan Wars, and at the Ogre area by Yanille (Forget the name.) Black Dragons in the Evil Chickens Lair is excellent money, used to OSRS gold range there on my chief. Anywho, whatever you decide on, goodluck.

25 Str in a day? Just how long did you perform and what is your Atk lvl? If your plan is to train Range ANY greater than 40 (40 being the min for Green Power Hide) then buy a Maple Long also so you can add the Sight for it, since it’s overpowered in F2p.

Assuming you aren’t staying 1 Atk, do Vampire Slayer to get 20 Atk. Since you are staying 1 Def, get 40 Range for Green D Hide, that’s the best Def bonus in F2p to get a 1 Fragrant Property. In case your Atk/Str is large enough, you won’t lvl in any way. I highly suggest getting Range upward, even if you simply need the Def boost of this Green D Hide. Same thing for Magic unless you prefer to walk. 25 for Varrock Tele, though I always get 37 to get Fally. In case your Atk/Str is high enough, then you won’t lvl at all. I do so since I have come to rely on teles, if you are not lazy like me, then skip this. Two Str Potions and the remainder food (Lobbys are inexpensive right now, take advantage.)

Lumby Catacombs are excellent for coaching, just don’t finish the Blood Pact quest, since you get two Def. By doing this quest, you get Kayle’s Sling, and it is a godsend for inexpensive people because it literally provides you complimentary Range Xp. Remain in the Catacombs until 30 Atk/Str and cheap RS gold Range. Should be fairly obvious what to prepare on. .

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