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Accounts and login to the OSRS gold

I’m talking about botters. Not bots. Botters are human, the individuals who have setup the programs to automatically generate accounts and login to the OSRS gold match. Botters consistently win was my stage.

How long do you have to follow a personality to confirm they’re a bot with a high enough assurance which you can permanently prohibit them?

Are you willing to hire 200 people to stare at figures to determine if they are a bot?

One up and you also lose a permanent membership. The Chinese overlords don’t need to lose money.How about creating the sceptre a fall from the mummy just in the first couple rooms, and keep it as is for later rooms.Bots are not gold farmers. If you think venes can manage PCs to conduct more than a few clients simultaneously, you are mistaken.

You’re actually underestimating how simple it’s to conduct vanilla Cheap Rs gold.

Whilst I commend your ability to perform pyramid plunder on 100 customers at precisely the exact same time, posting on Reddit about your accounts does not give it any legitimacy from selling your spoils into the Black Market (that goes for the 481m you marketed today, too).

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